Park experience


Throughout the day you can enjoy our interactive all-weather exhibition about the Zwin migratory birds in the Zwin Nature Park.

With a Zwin passport you will be assigned a Zwin bird and will be able to activate all digital
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Cabin Trail

Outdoors in the park there is a Cabin Trail where you can discover various themed huts. The huts are staffed by experienced Zwin guides (see details on the plan of the day).
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Panorama Tower

Enjoy a 360° view of the Zwin Nature Park, the sea, the Zwin dunes and polders and the
Kleyne Plain.
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Zwin Plain

A unique nature area with lots to see and so every season of the year.
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Observation Centre

Our observation point with a beautiful view across the Zwin Plain.
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Extra experience:

Check out our events page to discover what else there is to experience in the Zwin Nature
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