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General conditions of sale Zwin Nature Park

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About us

The vendor is the Province of West Flanders, with its registered office at Provinciehuis Boeverbos, Koning Leopold III-laan 41, 8200 Sint-Andries, Belgium.
The provisions made below jointly constitute the legal terms and conditions for using the web shop of Zwin Nature Park. For more information please refer to the 'Frequently Asked Questions' page. If you are unable to find the answer to your question, you should contact Zwin Nature Park, Graaf Léon Lippensdreef 8, B-8300 Knokke-Heist, Belgium, T +32 (0) 50 60 70 86, E [email protected]

These general conditions govern the legal relationship between the Province of West Flanders on the one hand and any person who uses the Zwin Nature Park web shop on the other (hereafter called 'the User'). By placing an on-line order, the User confirms having read and accepted the general conditions.
The Province of West Flanders reserves the right to amend these general conditions of sale at any time without notice. Such changes shall apply to all purchases from the time the changes are published on the website.


  • The product prices stated on the website are in euros inclusive of VAT. The prices of the products are subject to change at any time. The price payable for an order placed on the website is always the price applicable at the time of placing the order.
  • Personnel of Zwin Nature Park can and may ask anybody who wishes to purchase a reduced price ticket or a subscription holder to show means of identification or an official document by way of validation.
  • Children younger than 6 are admitted to the park free of charge. Children from 6 up to and including 17 fall under the 'Child' category. The 'Adult' category covers persons aged 18 and over. Children not yet 12 years of age may enter the park only if accompanied by an adult.
  • Admittance to the park is free for a person who is needed to accompany a person with a disability. The free admittance ticket is obtainable only at the cash desk and cannot be ordered online.
  • A car parking ticket must be purchased at the car park machine. Free parking is allowed for a maximum of 30 minutes.


It is possible to pay by debit card, cash or credit card at the cash desk, or an invoice can be drawn up. If you pay by invoice, you automatically accept a payment term of 14 days.

Group bookings


The group discount applies to online booking requests made up to three weeks prior to the day of the visit in the period from 1 April to 30 September inclusive. In the period from 1 October to 31 March inclusive, the group price applies up to two weeks before the day of the visit. A booking requested later will be subject to the normal e-discount for individual visitors. To qualify for the group price, the visiting group must consist of at least twenty paying persons, unless otherwise indicated.
Definitive numbers. Not later than seven working days before the visit, the definitive number of persons must be confirmed by emailing [email protected] phoning 050 60 70 86. The definitive number will be binding for the invoice and will determine the number of guides (a maximum of 20 persons per guide).


On arrival the person in charge of the group must report to the cash desk. The final number of visitors must be stated at the cash desk. There will be no charge for lower numbers. Higher numbers will be admitted only if the guide quota is not exceeded and subject to the extra visitors' paying the normal admission price.


  • The person or the organisation that places the order will be regarded as the sole buyer. Only he or she will be bound to make payment.
  • The online order will be accepted by the Province of West Flanders only if the User has provided proper means of identification.
  • The Province of West Flanders reserves the right to decline a requested order if it has reasonable grounds for suspecting that incorrect or incomplete information has been provided.

Personal data

  • By placing an order on the Internet website of the Province of West Flanders, the buyer expressly consents to the Province of West Flanders processing his/her personal data and using it for purposes such as maintaining the customer database, managing orders and deliveries, and marketing. 
  • The buyer has the right to object at any time free of charge to the use of his/her data for marketing purposes. To this end it is sufficient to send an email stating the objection to the Province of West Flanders.
  • The Province of West Flanders is not allowed to disclose the data to third parties.
  • The buyer has the right to inspect and correct his/her personal data.

Issue of tickets

  • After acceptance of payment, the ticket may be printed out by means of our booking site or via the email address entered during the order process.
  • The ticket will be issued in PDF format.

Ticket validity

To be valid the ticket must have been printed out on white A4 paper in portrait format with a perfectly legible barcode or must be presented on a smartphone or tablet. This will constitute your only and unique admission ticket. If you print the ticket out, everything must be of perfect quality and legible in order to rule out any confusion. Your admission ticket is valid only on the date of the visit that you selected when making the purchase. The ticket will be scanned at the reception desk. A ticket may be scanned once only and solely on the date that you selected. Any attempted falsification, misuse or fraud will result in legal action. A ticket cannot be refunded or exchanged. Purchase your tickets online only on the Zwin Nature Park website and never accept a ticket offered to you by an unknown person.

Cancellation of a guide reservation

A customer who wishes to cancel a guide must inform Zwin Nature Park at least seven working days prior to the date of the visit by post, email or fax. Otherwise, cancellation costs equal to 100% of the cost price of the guide will be charged.

Delayed departure of guided walk

If you do not appear by the agreed time, the guide will wait not more than one hour and the duration of the visit will be shortened by the length of the delay. However, you may extend the visit beyond the planned timetable subject to the availability of the guide and provided that the guide consents. In that case, a supplement may be charged of €40 per hour per guide. This amount must be paid on the day of the visit.

If the guide appears to be late, the group should wait half an hour. Subject to the consent of the group and the availability of the guide, the visit may be extended by the length of the delay.

Extreme weather conditions

The Zwin is a dynamic natural area and some of its activities take place in the open air. Extreme conditions such as storms or very high spring tides may unexpectedly and temporarily curtail some activities. The chance that this will occur during your visit is very slight, but in such cases the Zwin Nature Park may be forced to cancel or limit certain activities. Such decisions are made to ensure the safety of participants in those activities. Whenever possible, you will be notified in advance. However, this may not always be possible due to unforeseen circumstances. The Zwin Nature Park will then assist you in finding a suitable activity.

Problems/complaints about an order or delivery

If you have a complaint, you should contact Zwin Nature Park by email or letter at [email protected] or Zwin Nature Park, Graaf Leon Lippensdreef 8, 8300 Knokke-Heist, Belgium.

Refund policy

After the customer has purchased tickets or subscriptions, they cannot be exchanged, resold or refunded. A ticket or a subscription will never be refunded, even if the ticket or the subscription was not used by the customer during the term of its validity.


  • The customer and the Province of West Flanders will accept electronic means of proof for the purposes of their agreement.
  • For example, parties will accept emails originating from the computerised registers of the Province of West Flanders as proof.

Electronic and intellectual property rights

  • The contents and the structures of the web shop of the Province of West Flanders, including brands, logos, drawings, data, databases, product names, company names, texts, images and similar, are protected by intellectual property rights held by the Province of West Flanders or by the right-holding third parties.
  • Any dissemination, reproduction, sale or other exploitation of these works, regardless of how or in what form it occurs, either for gain or otherwise, is strictly prohibited without the prior written permission of the Province of West Flanders.

Limitation of liability

  • The Province of West Flanders makes every effort to ensure that the information provided via the web shop is complete and correct. However, the Province of West Flanders cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect damage arising from use of the information in the web shop. Images and product descriptions cannot be deemed to bind the Province of West Flanders.
  • A customer who observes inaccuracies in the information that the Province of West Flanders provides via its web shop should contact Zwin Nature Park by email at [email protected].
  • The contents of the web shop may be changed or supplemented at any time without prior announcement or notice.
  • The Province of West Flanders does not guarantee the proper working of its web shop and cannot be held liable in any way whatsoever for the poor functioning or temporary unavailability of the web shop or for any form of direct or indirect damage arising from access to or use of the website.
  • The website may contain hyperlinks to other websites or to pages of third parties, or may link to them indirectly. The placing of such links does not in any way constitute any implicit approval of the contents of such other websites. Under no circumstances can the Province of West Flanders be held liable for the contents or the features thereof or for any other kind of damage incurred by the use thereof.

Force majeure

  • The Province of West Flanders cannot be held liable for instances of force majeure that delay or prevent performance of this agreement.
  • Force majeure includes but is not limited to: strikes, natural disasters, floods, fires, sit-ins, extreme weather, government measures, technical defects and incorrect delivery or non-delivery by the postal service.
  • The Province of West Flanders has no obligation to furnish proof of the unforeseeable or unavoidable nature of such instances of force majeure.

Applicable law and forum.

In the event of a dispute regarding the conditions of sale or a situation not covered by these general conditions, the laws of Belgium shall apply and the courts in the judicial district of Bruges shall hold jurisdiction.

Contact details

Zwin Nature Park
Graaf Léon Lippensdreef 8
8300 Knokke-Heist
T: +32 50 60 70 86
E: [email protected]