Cabin trail

You will never get closer to nature as you will do in the Zwin Nature Park
The park’s cabin trail will guide you through numerous exciting points or huts

Nature close-up for all ages

Discover our different cabines:

  • A feeding hut from where you can admire the birds from a very short distance
  • The story hut, where our birds are ringed and several presentations are given
  • Two laboratories, a 'freshwater laboratory' unique in Belgium and 'seawater laboratory'
  • A listening hut where you can listen to various bird sounds
  • A listening dune, to enjoy all sounds of nature
  • An island hut to watch our water birds
  • A forest hut to enjoy the story of our storks or place your discoveries
  • The stork tower to view our storks from their height

Laboratory hut

What about using a small net to fetch up freshwater creatures (beetles, dragonflies and salamanders) so as to examine them under a microscope together with the Zwin guides?

The observation hut

In the observation hut you have a beautiful view of our breeding island, there are several binoculars available to admire the birds from a closer view. 

Forest or story hut

In the forest hut you can read a nature story, during the holiday trails the Zwin guides read nature stories. 

Seawater laboratory

A guide is also available in the Observation Centre. Part of the Observation Centre has been equipped as true Freshwater Laboratory. You can see here creatures that were fished out of the creeks on the Zwin Plain. The Zwin Plain is an intertidal area into which North Sea water flows. The creatures displayed here are entirely different to those in the Freshwater Laboratory. You can examine shellfish, shrimps, crabs, cockles and anemones visible on the crustaceans.