Fly alongside the Zwin birds

Check in at the entrance to the exhibition with your boarding pass and ... fly alongside your Zwin migratory bird. Besides experiencing an exciting journey full of adventure and surprises, you will learn a great deal about the fascinating world of birds. Among other things, you will find out how they fly accurately and how they prepare for their long migratory journey. And why every year thousands of birds land in the Zwin, plus lots more besides...

Bird migration: a wonderful adventure

We are so familiar with it we tend to forget what a wonder it is: ten billion birds make a long, dangerous trip, sometimes to the other side of the globe, twice a year.

Experience an exciting journey together with your Zwin migratory bird

Our interactive all-weather exhibition in the Visitor Centre is truly worth a visit, particularly for families with children.

It starts with your boarding pass that you will be given at reception, use it to check in at the entrance to the exhibition.

Check in, enter your first name and age and you will immediately become one of the ten model birds of the Zwin Nature Park!

How does a young cuckoo find its way to Africa all on its own? Why does even the most modern jet fail to match a swallow's flying technique? How does a bar-tailed godwit manage to fly thousands of kilometres non-stop? And why do so many migratory birds find a safe haven here in the Zwin?

This exhibition gives you the answers, but new questions keep on popping up. As much as we already know about bird migration, we still feel wonder and a deep admiration. During your exciting flight, you will learn a lot about the fascinating world of birds and their migratory journey.

You will learn how to fly like your migratory bird

During your flight, in the hazards cockpit, you will try to avoid all kinds of threats to birds

With the heat of your hands, you will hatch your bird's eggs

And much more besides ... There are lots of other things to see and do in the exhibition.

Among other things you can take a look around the 'Cabinet of Curiosities', or collection of rare items. In the theatro anatomico, you will see a short film about the Zwin.

Check out the 'Cabinet of Curiosities'

Watch an exciting  film about the Zwin