How does a Zwin passport work?

  • De gegevens die ingegeven werden tijdens het bezoek (naam - leeftijd) wordt enkel gebruikt om de ervaring tijdens de tentoonstelling te verbeteren. Deze gegevens worden verwijderd en niet gebruikt voor verdere doeleinden. 
  • During your visit you will receive a Zwin passport enabling you to activate all elements in the exhibition.
    - You can activate all information tables to discover everything about how birds survive, what they eat, how they reproduce and so on.
    - There are also numerous interactive elements enabling you to fly like a bird, to guide your bird safely through numerous hazards or simply to look for the eggs of your bird.
  • The Zwin passport is valid only on the day of your visit and will then be deactivated. Therefore, please return the passport to us.
  • The Zwin Nature Park attaches great importance to sustainability. So after your visit, we request you to deposit the Zwin passport in the sustainability box in the reception area or in the box at the parking fee machine.
  • There are Zwin passports for adults and for children. Children are set different tasks to adults in exhibition. The tasks are age-related, with your age being entered at check-in.