What can you observe in the Zwin?

“When is the best time of the year to visit the Zwin to see such and such plant or animal?”

We frequently get asked this question and the answer is relatively simple: “Always and any time!”.

The Zwin is worth visiting at any time of the year, because there are always plenty of plants and animals to observe!

Changes throughout the year

Obviously there are significant differences in what you can see as the year progresses. Many species are only observed at certain times of the year. We will gladly help you plan your visit to coincide with the presence of certain animals or plants. But remember: we are dealing with nature here. While plants remain in place, wild animals come and go as they see fit. When you head out into nature, you can rarely be 100% sure that you will effectively see a specific species on your ramble. Below is a list of species and periods during which you are more likely to see them. But remember, you can never be certain that you will actually see them.

Tips to see more

Persistence while searching and a return visit if you were unsuccessful greatly increase your chances. We do recommend that you use binoculars. Don’t forget to bring yours! This will definitely increase the quality of your observations! And, last but not least, our Zwin guides are also on hand to assist you with your observations. On many days during the year, especially during holidays and on weekends, you’ll find guides in the huts that dot the park. They will gladly explain what you’re seeing.

Also if the weather is not so good

Finally, don’t be deterred by the weather! You can observe nature under any weather conditions! Another useful tip: you’ll find that the Zwin is less busy on rainy or cold days, which increases your chances of seeing certain plants or animals. Ssh, don’t tell anyone!