Zwin extension / New Zwin dike

The walk along the dike offers breathtaking views of the Zwin Plain, which was expanded by 120 hectares to 333 hectares in early 2019.

  • Distance Zwin Nature Park - Cadzand: 8.3 km
  • Duration: 3.30 hrs
  • With or without a ticket
  • With or without a guide

The Zwin area was enlarged with 120 hectares of mudflats and salt marsh as part of an extension plan. The purpose of this project was to create a large area of additional tidal nature, ensuring that three times as much seawater can flow in and out of the Zwin. The increased seawater dynamic benefits the tidal nature elsewhere in the Zwin Plain.

Take in the amazing expanse of nature from the Nieuwe Internationale Dijk! The boardwalk near Retranchement takes you down onto the mudflats and into the salt marshes.

Discover the Zwin extension with a guide

Want to make the most of your visit to the Zwin? Book a guided walk through the Zwin extension.

For small groups < 20 persons For groups > 20 persons



Exploring the Zwin on your own

A visit to the Zwin Nature Park is a fun experience all year round, as there are always lots of animals and plants to observe.


Golden tip!

Do visit the Zwin expansion at spring tide. You can enjoy spectacular views from the various vantage points along the new dike (de Nieuwe Zwindijk). We recommend arriving at least one hour before high tide for the best experience.

zwinuitbreiding springtij