Barefoot path

The blue loop in the Zwin Plain is also a barefoot path.

You can feel the sand, mud, and salt marsh underfoot even better when you walk barefoot. Such a fun experience!

Tips if you decide to walk the loop barefoot:

  • take each step slowly, place your foot down slowly, when lifting your foot lift the heel first to break the suction of the mad, and make sure to lift up your feet high enough when walking
  • slowly shift your body weight from one foot to the other
  • always keep your eyes on the path
  • the mudflats can get very slippery. Consider a skating technique, sliding one foot forward to get momentum before quickly moving the other one.

Practical information

  • There are lockers in the observation centre (the building at the start of the trail), where you can leave your shoes and belongings. You will need a 1 euro coin to open them.
  • You can rinse off your feet near the bridge of the Zwin Plain.