Can I park in the Zwin Nature Park and how much does it cost?

  • The Zwin Nature Park has a paying car park for a maximum of 200 cars.
  • Are you buying a Zwin Nature Park admission ticket?
    - You then pay €5 to park your car for the whole day.
    - You will receive a ticket at the barriers upon entering.
    - Go with your ticket to the cash desk at reception in the visitor centre and pay €5.
    - After payment at the cash desk, your parking ticket is valid all day.
  • Not buying a Zwin Nature Park admission ticket and visiting only the free area?
    - The parking charge for the first hour is €2, plus €3 for each additional hour.
    - You will receive a ticket at the barriers upon entering
    - After your visit to the Zwin region, go with your ticket to the payment station in the car park and pay at the machine.
    - Your ticket is valid for 10 minutes from the time of payment.
  • Are you bringing your bike, and do you want to explore the surroundings?
    - Preferably use the peripheral car parks in Knokke-Heist or the free car park in Retranchement
    - Then head for the Zwin by bike and experience the breathtaking nature along on the way
    - Visit our Zwin bistro or Zwin shop, or ask the Zwin reception what is on offer in the park that day - or check out the agenda here

Bicycle shed

For bicycles and mopeds there is a cycle shed where you can enter and leave free of charge.

We are organised according to mode of transport. Walkers come first, then cyclists, then
public transport users and finally private car visitors. It is our way of pursuing our
sustainability goal.

Coach parking

The Zwin Nature Park has 9 free parking spaces for tourist buses.

When booking a group, we take the parking capacity into account, although the places cannot be reserved.

Important notice for non-paying visitors

Coaches that drop off non-paying visitors at the car park of Zwin Nature Park cannot remain in the car park.

The car park may be used as a Kiss & Ride zone (for up to 30 minutes) to allow coaches to drop off and pick up visitors.

When is the car park open?

  • The car park is open every day from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. After sunset, police regulations prohibit any vehicles from remaining in the car park. Any vehicle still present will be subject to penalties.

Horse trailers and trailers

Horse trailers and trailers are not allowed. If you have a horse trailer, you can go to the riding schools nearest to the Zwin Nature Park, namely Pondorosa or De Zoete Polder.

Camper vans

Camper vans are allowed only in the specially designated car parking spaces and only in opening hours.

Police regulations prohibit any form of trading in the car park

This includes the renting out of cycles in the car park, for example.