The species to look out for in July: common sea-lavender.

The breeding season is drawing to a close. This is a good time to look out for young fledglings.

The breeding islands

The black-headed gull, Mediterranean gulls and common terns that make up the majority of the breeding colony on the islands can be regularly spotted as they preen on the water in the Park’s central pond.

Black-headed gull

Eurasian gull



In the course of this month, the young white storks will leave their nest.

The migration to the south

The migration to the south is kicking off, with the departure of early species and the arrival of northerly waders, such as the Eurasian whimbrel. The number of Eurasian spoonbills and little egrets is also clearly on the rise. There are also large concentrations of terns, including hundreds of sandwich terns.

Eurasian whimbrel

Eurasian spoonbill

Little egret

You can spot common tree frogs enjoying the sunshine in various spots. The salt-tolerant plant species that are so typical of the Zwin plain, such as common sea-lavender, are at their best.

Common tree frog

Common sea-lavender