The species to look out for in February: barnacle goose.


Yes, it's still wintertime! And it's a good time to see large numbers of waterfowl in the Zwin’s wetlands. Various species of geese, ducks and waders - such as barnacle geese, common shelducks and Eurasian oystercatchers - can be spotted. The numbers vary depending on how harsh the winter weather has been.

Barnacle geese

Common shelducks

Eurasian oystercatchers

The breeding islands

Spring is already in the air and a number of early migratory bird species put in an appearance. The first gulls start to inspect their breeding areas on the breeding islands in the Zwin plain.

The storks

Storks are now a prominent feature as they occupy their nests in the Zwin Nature Park. The storks that wintered locally are now supplemented with birds that spent the winter in the south.


The botanic world slowly comes to life. Winter-flowering plants, such as snowdrops, winter aconites and the first narcissi, can be found all over the Zwin Nature Park.


Winter aconites