Cycling route - The Middle Ages on your plate

01/06/22 - 31/10/23
10:00 - 17:00

Cycling route with VR viewers

The cycling route along the Lost Zwin Ports unveils, thanks to virtual reality viewers, never-before-seen images of the vanished medieval Zwin ports of Sluis, Monikkerede, Hoeke, Damme and Bruges.

Now you can literally taste the Middle Ages along the cycling route and in the Zwin region!

The Middle Ages on your plate

Food archaeologist Jeroen Van Vaerenbergh took a plunge in the overflowing larder of the medieval Zwin. He worked with some 30 local producers, ice cream makers, brewers, bistros, restaurants, etc. to make contemporary creations from medieval ingredients.

Discover the different flavours while cycling along the Lost Zwin Ports or during your visit to the Zwin region. Be sure to take a look at before planning your cycling trip. You will find the latest information on the culinary venues and dishes along the way!

In the Zwin Shop

In the Zwin shop at the Zwin Nature Park, we endeavour to offer local articles and regional products. You will find some Zwin Port products here, such as jams and fruit juices from Zoete Polder or the new Lost Harbour gin from Damse Brouwers. You will also find Searoop from Zeeland, an organic lemonade syrup. And, needless to say, Jus de Mer could not possibly be missing from our assortment.

Practical Info

60 km in all, the cycling route is signposted and can be shortened to 44 or 31 km.
Those who scan the QR code on the cycling map will receive notifications along the way. You will see archaeological finds and facts on the spot appear on your smartphone.

What Free quadrilingual cycling map (NL-FR-DE-EN) with route and explanations along the way.
Price You can follow the cycling route for free and at your own pace.
When Free to plan until October 2023.
Where The cycling map is available free of charge from Westtoer, the Zwin Nature Park and the tourism services in the region
Route 60 km, consisting of several stages with starting points in the Zwin Nature Park, Sluis, Damme or Bruges. The route is fully signposted.
Entrepreneurs Always check for the latest information on participating entrepreneurs before planning your cycling route.
Zwin Nature Park In the Zwin Nature Park, which lies along the cycling route, you can obtain a cycling map. Admission to the Zwin Nature Park is not included.
Zwin Shop Be sure to visit the Zwin Shop, where you will find a lot of local products. The Zwin Shop is open during the opening hours of the Zwin Nature Park.
For more information about the cycling route see here.