Cycle route Lost Zwin ports

03/07/21 - 01/10/23
10:00 - 17:00

The splendid landscape of the Zwin, as we know it today, looked very different in the middle ages. The wide Zwin channel with its flourishing international ports dominated the landscape.

Bruges and Flanders experienced their heydays due to their connection to the sea. You can explore this beautiful area between Knokke-Heist, Sluis, Damme and Bruges on your bicycle. With some prior knowledge and the use of our free cycling map, you will find traces of this rich past in the landscape.


The four VR-viewers along the way will help you trigger your imagination. Looking through the viewers, you will leave the actual surroundings and find yourself virtually amongst the vibrant medieval port cities. The 360° view will make you feel like you are part of this world.

Practical information

The cycle route is 60km long, indicated along the entire route and can be shortened. To make it even more exciting, scan the QR-code on the cycle map and receive alerts and information on your smartphone when you pass a place of archaeological interest.

What Free cycling map in four languages (NL-FR-DE-EN) with a route description and information along the way. 
Price The cycle route is available free of charge and can be done at your own pace.
When as from 3 July 2021
Where The cycling route map is available free of charge via Westtoer, the Zwin Nature Park and the regional tourist services.
Route 60km, in various stages, starting in the Zwin Nature Park, Sluis, Damme or Bruges. There are indicators along the entire route.
Zwin Nature Park In the Zwin Nature Park, that is along the route, you can get your free cycling map.
Access to the exhibition 'The Lost Zwin ports' is not included.
More information on the cycle route


Exhibtion 'The Lost Zwin ports'

From 3 July to 7 November in Zwin Nature Park.