In the area

In the area of the Zwin Nature Park you can visit the Zwin Dunes and Zwin Polders, as well the Zwin region.

Zwin dunes and polders

The Flemish nature reserve Zwin Dunes and Zwin Polders (222 ha) is together with its big brother the Zwin a continuous nature area in the Zwin area.

This precious nature reserve is open to different types of recreation. Riders, hikers and cyclists have been given separate paths. Close to the sea there is a 15 ha large area for strolling where visitors are allowed to freely walk around and get an even better experience of nature. The paved paths make it possible to make a complete tour by wheelchair. There is also a walking path for the blind.

There are different European protect habitats with rare plant species and animals thanks to the transition between sea, beach, forest and polder.

The Kleyne Vlakte is an important wintering area for many birds.

The forester and his team are in charge of maintaining the restored nature. To this end, they are assisted by Koniks, Highland cattle, Shetland ponies and Flemish sheep.

Info centre Zwin Heartland

The Zwin Region Info Centre in the Zwin Nature Park provides all kinds of useful information on the Zwin region, an area at the Belgian-Dutch border where beautiful beaches and extensive polders meet. Nature, landscape and heritage go hand in hand.

Interactive maps at the Information Centre show you the way through the Zwin region and help you choose between the sights and numerous certified Hosts of the Zwin region, including B&Bs and farms offering regional products.

The Zwin Shop offers for sale the latest recreational walking and cycling maps by Westtoer.