The species to look out for in April: black-headed gull.

A glorious spring month!

April sees the arrival and passage of many migratory birds. Birdsong is everywhere. On some days, if the weather conditions are right, you can observe the spectacular bird migration of species such as the meadow pipit.

The breeding islands

The level of activity on the breeding islands is increasing steadily, and by the end of the month, most black-headed gulls and Mediterranean gulls will have already laid their eggs. Terns also arrive around this time.

Mediterranean gulls

Black-headed gulls


The storks

White storks sit patiently on their eggs and the first chicks may already have hatched by the end of the month.

Common tree frogs can be seen sunbathing on warm evenings. If you listen closely you can hear the males’ mating calls. The insect and plant world come to life. Many trees and shrubs are starting to grow or in bloom. Spring butterflies such as orange-tip can be spotted flitting around.

Common tree frogs

The orange-tip butterfly