vlucht lepelaars

International Migration Days

Zwin Nature Park

Many birds fly over the Zwin in April and May. After wintering in the south, they are returning to their breeding grounds in the north. Some species land here in order to breed.

During the International Migration Days, on 11 and 12 May, guides will be available to supply information about bird migration.

Location in the parkActivitytime
Guide on the dikeThroughout the weekend, a Zwin guide will be available to supply exciting information about the birds that come and feed there.11:30 - 17:00
Observation wall/hutThe Zwin guides will be available all weekend to supply information concerning bird migration. Where are they coming from, where are they going and how do they do it?11:00 - 16:30
When11 and 12 May
PriceThe activities during the International Migration Days are included in your entry ticket. 
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