How much does a visit cost?

  • Individual visit:
    Type Price
    Adult - online (up to the day before the visit) €12
    Adult - at the cash desk


    Children from 6 – 17 (online + at the cash desk) €6
    Children younger than 6 free
  • Group: 
    For details of the group, school and corporate prices, please go to the following page. 


  • The e-ticket will be delivered in PDF format, both instantly in the web shop after purchase or by email sent to the given email address.
  • To be valid, the ticket must be printed out on white paper of A4 size in order to show the QR code in a perfectly readable manner, or it should be displayed on a smartphone or tablet.


After purchase of a day ticket or subscription, it is not possible to exchange it, resell it or obtain a refund.