Summer trail

During the summer holiday period, the huts of the Zwin Nature Park will be open to treat visitors to numerous different activities.

Exposition - Guillaume Bijl

A new, space-filling installation by Guillaume Bijl will be on display in the Zwin Nature Park this summer. For this particular installation, the artist found his inspiration in the visual culture that draws so many tourists to the Belgian Coast, interwoven with art historical references and everyday situations.

Observation hut

The Zwin guides will be waiting for you in the observation hut to explain what birds you can watch on the breeding islands. Telescopes are provided for your use, focused on the birds on the breeding islands as they rest or feed. 

From 10h30 till 17h00

Laboratory huts

Water beetles, dragonfly larvae and even salamanders are waiting to be discovered in the freshwater laboratory.

In the sea-water laboratory, which is unique in Belgium, various marine animals are viewable close up, such as crabs, mussels and shrimps.

Freshwater laboratory from 10h30 till 17h00
Sea-water laboratory from 13h30 till 17h30

Ringing hut

If you have never been to a ringing session, don't worry because during summer you get the chance to get acquainted with this. 

  • In Jly you can watch the film about the ringing of the birds
  • In August you can experience the bird ringing live, every day you can witness this from 10h till 12h. 

Film = continuous - in August rining of the birds each morning from 10h till 12h (depending on the weather forecast) 

Activities for the kids

Our youngest visitors can follow a customized activity every day in the forest hut or the observation centre.

Crafting, playing a game or listening to a story: children can become acquainted with the wonderful nature in a playful way.

Varied activities during the summer holidays from 10.30 am to 1.45 pm

Treasure hunt of 'Vlieg'

Children from age 6 to 12 can also look for the Treasure of 'Vlieg'. 

Vlieg has visited various animals in the Zwin Nature Park, he gave each of them a tip to help the children find the treasure! 

Can they fulfill all assignments? Then they have earned a small gift!

Practical info

When The Summer Trail programme takes place daily from 29th of June to 1st of September inclusive.
Price The Summer Trail is included in the price of a standard ticket.
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