Corona measures Zwin Nature Park

Dear Visitor,

We are very happy to welcome you once more to Zwin Nature Park as of 26 May. The entire Zwin team and Zwin guides will be available for you!
Of course, we shall be implementing the various measures specified by the National Security Council so that you can safely enjoy this beautiful park.

Consult the information from the federal government to find out if your transfer to the Zwin Nature Park is permitted.

Here are the safety measures we are taking:

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Ticket booking - Parking - Visitor centre

Visiting the park - Zwinshop - Toilets - Zwin café 'The Shelter'

Lockers - Using the elevator - Binoculars

Group visits - Zwin guides and Zwin team

Ticket booking

How can I book a ticket to access the Zwin Nature Park?

The National Security Council requires that you book tickets in advance.
This is easiest on our website Not able to do that? You can also call us during opening hours at +32 50 60 70 86.

Only a limited number of tickets are available per half hour. For now, we allow 30 visitors per half hour at the entrance.
So don't forget to book your ticket if you want to make a visit!

Buy your entrance ticket here Reserve your ticket as a season ticket holder

How can I pay for my ticket?

When you book online, you can also pay online.
When you book by phone, you can pay at the cash desk. Use Bancontact to do so, preferably contactless.

If you have a gift or discount voucher, it is best to book by phone and bring the voucher with you when you pay at the cash desk.

I have a season ticket, do I also need to book?

Season ticket holders also need to book. You will need to show your season ticket at the entrance, together with your booking confirmation. This will be sent to you by email if you book online. Five slots are reserved per half hour for season ticket holders.

Do I have to arrive on the dot and how long can I stay?

The time slot specifies the half hour during which you must arrive at reception. For your safety, we ask you to follow the circulation plan and leave the park at the end of your visit.


Is it safe for me to buy a car park ticket?

A ticket dispenser is located next to the entrance gate to the car park. Take a ticket as you enter. Press the button to get a ticket. Our maintenance team disinfects the button several times a day for your protection. For added safety, use a stylus or pen to press the button.

How do I pay my parking fee?

As a visitor to Zwin Nature Park, you pay your parking fee at the cash desk by card or Payconic.
If you’re not visiting the paying area of the park, you need to pay for your ticket at the payment machine in the car park. This can only be done by Bancontact. Use contactless payment to avoid touching the machine. The payment machine is disinfected at least twice a day by our staff.

How can I validate my car park ticket?

Although the visitor tariff (5 €) continues to apply to car park users, you will have to validate your own ticket at the cash desk once you have paid your entrance fee. This prevents physical contact with our reception staff.

Visitor centre

Is it safe for me to enter the visitor centre?

When you arrive at the visitor centre, you will see a clearly separated entrance and exit. What if there is a queue? Remember to stand 1.5 metres from the other visitors.

We disinfect the door handles several times a day. You must also disinfect your hands when you enter the visitor centre. Use the floor stickers (bird’s nests) up to the reception desk.

Can I go to the reception desk?

To ensure social distancing, please stand on the floor stickers (bird’s nests). An itinerary has been clearly marked out so that you know in which direction you need to go while maintaining social distancing (1.5 metres).

You can only buy a ticket at the entrance if you have made an advance booking. You can do this online or by phone. 

The number of visitors per time slot is limited. You can see on the website which time slots are still available. The time slot specifies the half hour during which you may arrive at the entrance. Not able to book online? Call reception and book by phone: 050 60 70 86.
The reception staff will be happy to help you. They are protected by barriers for your safety and their own.

Visiting the park

Can I visit everything in the park?

Zwin Nature Park has designed an itinerary so that visitors walk in only one direction and do not pass each other.  A guide is present at the entrance to supply information. Disinfectant gel is supplied at various locations.

In that way, you can enjoy almost all our facilities:  the cabin trail, the observation point, the Zwin plain, the panorama tower. The permanent exhibition is closed for the time being. We are considering how best to keep you safe and will be reopening the exhibition as soon as possible. Stay informed via our website!

Is it clear what I can see and do?

At various places in the park, further information is available on what you can see and do. Always follow the instructions on the signs.
Extra Zwin guides are also there for you. They can give you further information on the flora and fauna, and also help ensure our visitors stay safe: wherever you may be in the park, keep a distance of 1.5 metres from each other!

Can I visit the cabins on the cabin trail?

Limited number of visitors may enter the cabins at any one time. The maximum number is supplied outside the cabins. Please comply with this measure.

Can I visit the observation centre?

A clear itinerary has been designed so that people do not pass each other and social distancing of 1.5 metres is guaranteed. You enter the observation centre through the iron gate and the exit is on the other side, on the same side as the Zwin plain. Both are clearly identified.

During the weekend and school holidays, the salt water lab operates in the observation centre. Once more, please observe the 1.5 metre rule.

Toilets are available at the observation centre.

Can I enter the Zwin plain?

To enter the Zwin plain, you must follow the itinerary, which means you will walk through the cabin trail to the entrance to the plain.
Social distancing also applies in the Zwin plain, but as the part accessible to visitors has an area of 125 hectares, there is plenty of room for everyone! The blue and green routes are each 2 km long. You can also take the barefoot path.

Can I visit the panorama tower?

At the end of the itinerary, we have included a visit to the panorama tower, which is fitted with two Swarovski Vista telescopes. These enable you to take a closer look at the young storks and other fascinating features! 8 people at a time may enter the tower.

You can stand in line on the large staircase outside the panorama tower.

A guide will be present to ensure your safety and disinfect the Swarovski telescopes. Always keep enough distance to be able to enjoy the 360° view!

Can I visit the permanent exhibition?

The permanent exhibition about bird migration is temporarily closed to the public. Please accept our apologies for this inconvenience. The Zwin team is currently considering how best to reopen the exhibition as soon as possible. Stay informed via our website!

Can the children use the educational elements?

The educational elements are temporarily unavailable. Thank you for your understanding. Zwin Nature Park includes other attractions children can enjoy, such as the freshwater and salt water labs at the weekend, or observation from the stork tower.

Can I use the Swarovski telescopes?

Swarovski Vista telescopes are available to visitors at three locations: the panorama tower (2), the observation centre (1) and the Zwin plain (1).
If no guide is available, disinfectant wipes will be provided. In addition, the telescopes are disinfected several times a day by the Zwin team. 

Should I wear a face mask?

Face masks are not required but recommended. 

Zwin Shop

Can I visit the Zwin Shop?

The Zwin Shop is open and has increased its range of attractive items. An itinerary has been marked out, including an entrance and exit, to guarantee adequate social distancing.

Shopping baskets are available to hold your shopping. You may only enter the shop with a shopping basket.

No shopping baskets available? Please wait your turn. Before entering the shop, you must disinfect your hands.
Only touch the items you intend to purchase. Disinfectant is available at the entrance. Please pay by card whenever possible, preferably contactless.


Is it safe to use the toilet at Zwin Nature Park?

Toilets are available at various locations (see map).
The visitor centre toilets (on Level -1) are temporarily closed. The toilets are disinfected and cleaned four times a day.

Zwin café “The Shelter”

Can I have something to eat or drink at “The Shelter”?

For the time being, the Zwin café “The Shelter” is closed. When the National Security Council authorises the reopening of hotels, cafés and restaurants, we shall also be very happy to reopen our café for you in accordance with federal regulations.
As a result, no food or beverages are available for sale at Zwin Nature Park. However, you can drink the free water at the drinking fountains - please use a bottle!


Can I use the lockers?

At this time, lockers are only available at the observation centre for your convenience if you want to use the barefoot path. The lockers on Level -1 are temporarily unavailable.
We advise you to take this into consideration and leave your belongings in your car or use a backpack if you are visiting by bicycle.

Using the elevator

Can I use the elevator?

Use the elevator only if you cannot do otherwise. The elevator may be used by no more than 1 person at the same time. The elevator buttons are regularly disinfected.


Can I use binoculars?

At this point in time, we are not lending binoculars. A Swarovski telescope is available to visitors at 3 locations (panorama tower, observation centre and Zwin plain).

Group visits

Can I visit Zwin Nature Park with a group or company/school party?

For the time being, no group visits are allowed. This applies to groups, company visits and school parties. Once more, we are following the advice of the National Security Council. If its policies are further relaxed, we shall be changing our policy accordingly. Thank you for your understanding.

Zwin guides and the Zwin team

If I have a question, who can I ask?

You can recognise the Zwin guides and staff by their blue jackets or black tee-shirts with logos. You can also ask any questions at reception.

Do you have a question? You can contact them at any time. Please comply with social distancing (1.5 metres) at all times. That way, you are protecting our health and your own. We are doing all we can to ensure that you have the most pleasant possible visit.